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What’s happening in your neighborhood?

Xcel Energy will convert approximately 4,700 feet of existing overhead electric distribution lines to new underground distribution lines along the south side of Arapahoe Avenue, between Foothills Parkway and 55th Street in Boulder, Colorado.

This project is part of Xcel Energy’s Franchise Agreement with the City of Boulder, which allows 1 percent of Xcel Energy’s revenue to be used for electric overhead to underground conversions due to right-of-way improvements.

The City of Boulder’s East Arapahoe Multi-Use Path and Transit Stops Project will begin construction once Xcel Energy’s Arapahoe Avenue Electric Undergrounding Project is completed and requires all dry utilities to be undergrounded, including telecommunications. To learn more about the improvements in the area, please visit the City of Boulder’s East Arapahoe Transportation Plan website.


Construction will start in spring 2024 and will continue through fall 2024.

Crews will work 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Sunday. In certain circumstances, crews may be required to work evenings or nights.

Schedules are subject to change.


During work, you may notice:

  • Marking of utility lines and utility survey holes.
  • Vegetation clearing and removal.
  • Road and sidewalk closures.
  • Traffic control.
  • Parking restrictions.
  • Temporary changes to business access.
  • Temporary changes to RTD bus stops.
  • Construction noise.
  • Scheduled power outages.

New underground electric lines will be installed by the methods of open trench and directional boring. New electric cabinets will be installed within the road right-of-way and on private property.

All work areas will be restored to preconstruction conditions as weather allows. Work areas.